Clock in/out or Job code changes made in the field

The purpose of this form to submit to a written record request that your time sheet needs to reflect a clock in/ out or job code changed.

This form is to be used when any employee is unable to use time clock in the main office or works remotely.


A form must be submitted for each clock in/ clock out.

You may submit up to 3 job code change that occurred in the same day.

***In order to not be counted as absent or tardy for a shift you must ensure that your schedule matches your punch report.***

If you need your schedule updated due to a company schedule change anyone in dispatch can help you.

Each Team Member is responsible for the accuracy of their time punch record,  absence record and tardy record.

Employee *
Date effecting this record *
Date effecting this record
actually date your reported action is to be added to your time sheet
I am reporting a:
Time *
time you are punching in/ out/ changing job code
select the job code you are changing/punching in for
Time of 2nd Job Code Change
Time of 2nd Job Code Change
Time of 3rd Job Code Change
Time of 3rd Job Code Change
Add an explanation if you are punched in under job codes 6, 7, 14, 19 or if you are clocked in under a driving/ delivery code and assigned to no trips at the beginning or end of your shift.